Consistency Ranks – Week 1

Consistency. Dependability. Reliability. But the best “ability” is availability. That’s one thing fantasy football players always harp on. Injuries happen, which is why our doctors of physical therapy are here. They can break down the injuries and what they mean for your players. I don’t have a degree in that field, so I can’t do that.

But one thing I can do is look at the data. And that is exactly what I plan to do on a weekly basis for you this season. The main data point I’ll be looking at in this series is consistency. Obviously after just a one week sample size, a player is either a top-level player or a bottom-level player 100% of the time. So for Week 1, don’t overreact, we need more of the story before drawing conclusions (although I am very worried about CeeDee Lamb). This post will serve more useful as the season goes on, but feel free to bookmark the Google Sheet below when making those start/sit decisions or trade offers. Heck, you could even use this tool before making waiver claims on Tuesday nights. I have found this helpful during past seasons, and I know you will too!

As the season goes on, I will add some interesting notes and trends I notice, but for Week 1, just get used to how the data is presented.

2022 Fantasy Football Consistency Ranks

Some clarification on a few things you will see in this sheet. All scoring is based on my “standard” which is QB Passing TD = 4 points, 0.5 PPR. “RB1 Games” is any time a running back finishes a week in the top 12 in scoring. “RB 2 Games” is any time a running back finishes a week between RB13 – 24 in scoring. “RB 3 Games” is any time a running back finishes a week between RB25 – 36 (a.k.a. was a “flex” play). And finally, “RB4+ Games” is any time a running back finishes RB37 or worse on a week. “RB1 + 2 Games” is the amount of times a running back is in the top 24 at the position, a.k.a times they were a “start”.

The same nomenclature can be applied to the WR Consistency tab. The percentages columns let you know how often a player falls into a certain category at their position.

The QB, TE, and DST (yes I am tracking defenses this year too for the first time) tabs are all pretty self explanatory but labeled a little differently because in most leagues you are only starting one per week. But feel to reach out with any questions you have while reviewing! Let’s be consistent this season!

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